• Question: For a budding physicist, what type of work experience should i look into, to help improve my university application, for physics related course?

    Asked by minesh to Chris on 17 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Chris Mansell

      Chris Mansell answered on 17 Jun 2013:

      Hi minesh,

      If there is a university near where you live, you could send an email to their physics department telling that you would like to study a course related to physics and asking them if they have any opportunities for you to get some work experience. They might be able to find something for you to do and it may be unpaid.

      Alternatively, if you get a job where you use a programming language that would be look good on a university application.

      Aside from work experience, you could read some popular science books and then mention your favourite ones in your application. Your local library should have plenty of these types of books. An added benefit of doing this is that it may help you decide which physics-related course you would like to do at university.

      I hope this helps.