• Question: Are you looking for anything in particular when you wobble the 'stuff', for example how it affects the light from the laser?

    Asked by trishbeanx to Dave on 15 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Dave Farmer

      Dave Farmer answered on 15 Jun 2013:

      Dear trishbeanx,

      A very good question! In fact, you’re spot on for what I’m doing now. As we wobble my polymer sample, it changes how much light is reflected from it, which lets us investigate the physics inside the structure.

      One of the nice things that happens is that as we fire a pulse of sound through our samples, we bounce light off the sound itself. It appears that the way in which this happens depends a lot on what the structure of the sample is. I’m writing a paper for publication on this topic at the moment actually.

      If you have any more questions about my research, please do let me know. I love talking physics (I’m a geek, I know, get over it)!