Thank you from your winner Dave

davefarmer-wHello all!

Thanks for voting for me, I’m genuinely surprised that I won. I came into the event just wanting to have fun and see how far I got, never did I expect to beat scientists of the Jack, David, Chris and Fiona’s quality, my apologies to them!

I’m honestly amazed at the standard of the questions we were asked throughout the event, Quantum physics is not an easy topic to wrap your heads round, but you guys did excellently and you certainly helped me learn a lot in the meantime. It was also really good from a personal point of view to be forced to take stock of my work and figure out what it is specifically that I love so much, and what I’m most proud of. I’m at a stage of my career where I have lots of big decisions coming up about what to do next and you guys really helped me think about that, cheers!

The live chats, I’m sure you’ll agree, were absolutely mental. My dreams of provided deep wonderful answers to all your questions soon became hopes of merely answering a majority of questions, they came thick and fast! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and hopefully I was able to convey a little about why I’m a physicist and what it is that’s so special about the subject. I’m already hounded my colleagues to get involved with future events!

On another note, I’m also very pleased to be receiving the money from yourselves for my videos. I was a little unsure as to whether or not they’d be a useful resource for you guys, so it’s pleasing that my win is some small vindication that the idea is something that you want. Now, I will do my best to make the videos everything they should be, watch this space!

Finally, thanks once more for making the event such a success, it wouldn’t have worked without you. Just do me a favour, and as long as you enjoy science, keep trying to learn more of it


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  1. chrismansell says:

    Congratulations, Dave. You did a really good job of connecting with students. It was cool being a part of this outreach event with you and the other scientists.


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